M. E. Services Communication, Inc., provides clients with comprehensive international interpreting
services. We provide accurate professional services by utilizing individuals from the culture in which you
intend to dialogue information.

All M. E. Services interpreters are fully insured.
Unlike independent uninsured freelance interpreters you call at
your own risk.   

M. E. Services has proudly provided The Greater Monroe County Area with comprehensive interpreting
and text translation services for the past (15) fifteen years; located in downtown Rochester at; PO Box
30577 Rochester, New York 14603.

Management: Founder and President Michael E. Shelton (585-256-6216) has supervised text
translations services and invoice statements.

Scheduling manager, Marcia (
585-256-6519) manages day to-day client assignments and

Four staff members support assignment scheduling.
Operations:   Multi-Linguist Oral Interpreting ON-SITE Services  
                      SIGN LANGUAGE Interpreting ON-SITE Services
Text Translation of foreign language documents.
                       Specializing in: Diploma's; Marriage, Death, & Divorce Certificates

Live scheduling manager for prompt assignment confirmation.

All M.E. Services interpreters’ sign confidentiality agreements for stringent confidentiality.

Call us for updated language insertion
Whatever language need... M. E. Services will assist!      

CALL: 585-256-6519                                                  
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